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We all know what Vocaloid is, not knowing is a sin in the Anime world. But see, while we all know what it is- excluding the original characters a lot of us get confused about the new generations, the fan-made vocaloids, and the story lines, even who has a crush on who. It's gotten to the point where there's just so much about it that it's a maze of information that isn't all facts. So here, I present to you the field guide to Vocaloid (Vocaguide for short)

The history of VocaloidEdit

Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application (A.K.A an application that changes the pitch and tone of sounds to match lyrics and tunes you type into the product) owned by the Yamaha Corperation. It was originally designed for artists, but since the release of their characters (the vocaloids), especially since the rise of the internet vocaloid Hatsune Miku; it's become a product sold world-wide to Artists, Otakus, and just the average joe's of the world. Vocaloid is an ongoing viral world of lovable characters that have taken websites like Youtube and Google by storm.

Two generations of Vocaloid have been released, and various fan-made versions have been made viral. Multiple storys have circulated making it very hard to tell whats fake and whats fact.

Latest activityEdit

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